We recommend that you make a monthly periodic maintenance agreement in order for the generator set you will buy or already purchased to operate smoothly and with high performance. With monthly periodic maintenance, you can foresee the malfunctions that may occur in your generator and prevent your generator from malfunctioning and making you suffer in case of an outage.

Our customers, who have periodic maintenance, receive free service in case of possible malfunctions and also pay 10% discount on the materials used. In addition, they also receive 10% discount on the materials used in the annual general maintenance.

Our service, which comes for periodic maintenance, performs generator tests, visual inspection, technical control, fuel control, generator cleaning after customer approval or informs our customer accordingly.

We recommend that you do not make a periodical maintenance agreement without seeing our periodic maintenance prices and products that we have specially prepared for apartments and public institutions. For detailed information, you can call us and also get information about the countries which we can provide periodic maintenance.